Does Your Home Need Motorized Window Coverings?

There are an infinite number of great reasons to consider installing motorized window coverings. Whether you want to update your home automation system or you have a tough to reach skylight, or you want increased home security and peace of mind, motorized window coverings can benefit everyone. Read on to learn about the latest innovation from Hunter Douglas and discover some specific areas that motorized window coverings can benefit you and your lifestyle.


We all have that one window that is tough to get to, whether it’s a skylight or just a window that’s high up there and hard to reach. PowerView® Motorization is the solution. It’s the latest system from Hunter Douglas that controls your window treatments with the touch of a button. Winner of the 2016 Red Dot Design Award, PowerView® allows the homeowner to program shades to move throughout the day to optimize privacy, ambiance and energy efficiency without giving them a second thought. PowerView® can be controlled from anywhere simply by using the app on your smart device.


One of the most important functions of a window treatment is privacy. PowerView® Motorization takes the work out of maximizing your privacy, especially at night when it’s easy to see in from the outside. Motorized window coverings give you the ability to program window treatment settings ahead of time, according to the time of day. So, if you want your window treatments closed at 6pm every evening, just program that preference into the app or the Pebble® Remote and don’t give it a second thought.


A major safety concern associated with standard window treatments is the cord. This is especially an issue for those households with small children and pets. Motorized window treatments don’t have a cord so the safety risk is minimal.


PowerView® can work with your existing home security or home automation system and can add an extra layer of security to your home. From your desk at work or on vacation anywhere on earth, you can adjust your motorized window treatments instantly by using the PowerView® App on your smart device or schedule them to open and close at specific times, creating the appearance that someone is home.

Energy Efficient

PowerView® Motorization takes some of the guess work out of lowering your home energy costs. You can program your window treatments to close during the hottest parts of the day in the summer. You will see a noticeable drop in your home cooling costs. In the same way, during colder months, programming your window treatments to open and let sunlight in during the brightest parts of the day can reduce the cost of heating your home.

Increase Home Resale Value

Upgraded home features that increase efficiency and functionality are always a great selling point.

If you are considering upgrading to motorized window treatments or you’re wondering if PowerView® is right for your home, contact the experienced professionals at Quality Window Treatments for a free in home consultation. Family owned and operated and proudly serving Greater Michiana, including South Bend, Mishawaka, Elkhart, Goshen, Granger and surrounding areas. Contact us today to get started on your next home improvement project.